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Hi my name is Daryl Stanley, I own Bear Creek Outfitting. Bear Creek Outfitting has put numerous bears into P+Y and B+C record books. Having hunted bear for the past 25years I know personally what it takes to be successfull. If Manitoba black bear hunting is your passion, look no further. We have taken bear that measure over 22".

Let's get something straight. We are very proud of the fact that our hunters take really good bears and lots of them. Plus, our hunters always have a great time. We make a lot of great friends during these hunts.

The point is that my guides and I take great pride in working HARD to ensure success. We will have a comfortable camp waiting, lots of great food, and more active baits than we really need. We do not cut any corners, we just plain work hard at seeing that everything is right. All you have to do is come up here, enjoy the clean air and shoot straight.

We have lots of bears in our area and they live long enough to get big because no-one else hunts them up here. Our allocated area is 1000 square miles of total wilderness. We take a very good number of color phases - about 35% of the trophies are blonde, browns or cinnamon's. There are far easier areas to get to for the local hunters - we are by ourselves. We only conduct spring hunts as we find that the pelts are by far the best in spring.

Provincial regulations require that we take down our camp at the end of hunting season, so we operate from a group of very comfortable large tents. We have electricity, showers and toilets so this is far from roughing-it. Each tent has wooden floors with comfortable carpeting, plus heaters if we need them. We eat in a large cooking and dining tent. Our cook will amaze you with the variety of home-cooked meals. The only problem our clients ever mention is the fact that they put on a few pounds during their hunt!

Although we hunt wilderness our campsite is easily accessible and our hunters can drive right to camp. Our hunting day starts in early afternoon when we take each hunter to his stand using four-wheel drive pickups and all-terrain vehicles. Although we can accompany the hunter, most clients prefer to stay in the treestand by themselves. We maintain contact with the hunters using portable radios. At dusk we pick up the hunters and start listening to the stories and hauling in the trophies. We get to hear great stories, believe me!

Hunting is done over bait. We usually employ two drums, one that we call the "roller" with lots of good smelling stuff in it, and the other crammed full of meat scraps so that the bear has a good choice of eating. We start baiting early so that the bait-sites are HOT when you arrive. Hunters sit in large treestands, tripods or in comfortable ground blinds. The treestands are easy to get into, many are actually ladder stands.

We can arrange local taxidermy for clients and about one-half of the hunters choose to do that. We have a freezer in camp so the hides are frozen as quickly as possible. What do our clients do after they kill their bear. Lots! Fishing is great at certain times of the year and most clients choose to accompany the guides or even a buddy so that they can see more critters. Since we start hunting in the afternoon there is lots of time to pretty well do what you wish.

We are easy to get to from the U.S. Hunters can simply fly into the international airport in Winnipeg on Air Canada or Northwest Airlines. Rental cars are available at the airport and we are about 4 hours north on a good highway. If you prefer to drive we are about 11 hours north of Minneapolis.

Bear hunting is a special experience. There is no better time to be in the forest than early spring. If you are a bowhunter, muzzleloader, or rifle hunter give me a call. I would like to talk to you about a bear hunt - anytime.

Box 164 - Balmoral, Manitoba - R0C OHO

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